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Darkest iOS App Icons

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Darkest iOS App Icon Set

Enhance the visual appeal of your device with meticulously crafted icons that epitomize a perfect blend of sophistication and uniqueness.

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Special introductory offer: Obtain the entire icon set for just $15. Prices will increment with each new addition.

What you get now

Total app icon: 245 app icons.

Including: Settings, Photos, Camera, Notes, Safari, Reminder (2 variants), Appstore, Mail, Maps (5 variants), Phone, iMessage, Contact, Music (General, Spotify, Apple Music), Whatsapp, Weather, Calendar, Youtube, Youtube Music, X (Twitter), Discord, Readwise Reader, Clock, Files, Wallet, Threads, Facebook, Messager, Instagram, FaceTime, Podcasts, Calculator, Health, Telegram, Reddit, Holy Bible, Books, FindMy, 1Password, Notion, ChatGPT (2 variants), Fitness, Watch, Tiktok, Snapchat, Home, Arc Browser, Pinterest, Journal. Nike, Adidas, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Shortcut app, WSJ, General Chat App, Goodreads, Gmail, Things 3, Paypal, Poolsuite FM, DI-FM, Soundcloud, Binance, TradingView, Yahoo Finance, Apple Translate, Google Translate, Gumroad, Google Chrome, Brave Browser, VSCO, Cosmos, Shazam, Apple TV, Mega, Apple Store, Google, Widgy, Zoom, Slack, Apple News, iTunes, iRobot, Stripe, Google Drive and Google Authenticator, Tesla, Dropbox, Done (Habit Tracker), Robinhood, Starbuck, (Not Boring) Habits, Apple Stock, Simple (Fasting App), Steam, Twitch, Perplexity, DeepL, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Meet, Google Chat, Ebay, Amazon, Netflix, Prime Video, Reede, Kindle, Microsoft Todo, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Words, Microsoft Excel, Imgur, Deviantart, HUE, Spark Mail, Black Magic Camera, Sennheiser, Turtle Beach, Xbox, ESPN, Marvel Snap, Nest, SM Pro, Formula 1, Hold'em, Parcel, Microsoft 365 Admin, Duolingo, Flora, Foreign Affairs, Omnivore, Playstation, Chess, DuckDuckGo, City Mapper, Ground News, Strong, Woo Commerce, Skygo, Runpee, Listy, SNKRS, Mela, Letterboxed, Rainbow, Fotmob, Deezer, TuneIn, Foreflight, Lime, Beat Pill+, MyFitnessPal, MacroFactor, BPN, Wells Fargo, Day One, How we feel, WebEX, Box, Cronica, Kernel, Invoice, Waze, New York Times, CNBC, TV Forecast, LivePod, Infuse, Timekeeper, Lumy, Night Sky, Planet Fitness, Game Console, Peloton, Capital One, Waking Up Meditation, ACloset, Lichess, Clockology, Blitzer, Jetpack, MEP24, Revolut, Scotiabank, Chase, Calm, Anybox, Play, MusicBox, The Athletic, Gentle Streak, Any Distance, 2FAS, Check Point Capsule Connect, Sygic, Ivory, Mastodon, Threema, Beeper, Tweetbot, Onlyfan, Rai Play, Mirador, TP Link Deco, Parcel, Mi Home, Roborock, Up Ahead, Device Monitor, My Verizon, Acloset, Whoop, Grow, Cashapp, Nubank, CNBC, Dime, NatWest, Tiger Trade, Obsidian, Snipd, Clear Lists, Numbers, WidgetPod, Eurosport, Boxbox, Playtomic, Klarna, Aftership, GOAT, Stockx, Uber, OneFootball, Workspace, SBB Mobile, Bitwarden, Hipstamatic, Investing, Bored, Voice Memos, Patreon.

What you get next

Post-purchase, you can request a custom icon or additional variants for existing icons by completing the request form. I will prioritize and promptly work on fulfilling these requests.

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These files are not meant for reselling, distribution, or commercial use.


Special thanks to all my customers who believe in my work. 🖤

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Non-Refundable Product

Please be advised that all purchases of digital products, including App Icons, Widgy Widgets, Wallpapers, and Notion Templates, are final and non-refundable. Due to the nature of digital assets, once the purchase is completed, you will receive instant access to the product. Therefore, it is not possible to revoke access or issue a refund. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to review all product details carefully before making a purchase.

Last updated Jun 21, 2024

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Darkest iOS App Icons

40 ratings
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