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Pixel Pocket Dex - Widgy Widget

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Pixel Pocket Dex

Pixel Pocket Dex brings a touch of retro charm to your iPhone, offering a customizable widget experience inspired by classic handheld devices. Stay organized, up to date, and entertained with ease, all from your home screen.

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Pixel Pocket Dex: Retro-inspired design, precise button control, and charming pixel screen.


Let Pixel Pocket Dex transform your iPhone experience

Device Skins

Diverse choices to match your personality. From neutral to supersaturated.


How do I use the Widgy Widget?
- The widget is powered by Widgy. Install the Widgy app and import Pixel Pocket Dex. For detailed instructions, refer to this document.

Can I refund purchase?
- No, please note that this is a non-refundable product due to digital asset reasons. Once purchased, you'll have access to it forever, and there's no way for me to revoke access.

Am I able to upgrade my tier?
- Yes, if you wish to upgrade your tier for additional benefits, simply direct message me on Twitter. I'll handle each upgrade request on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need to pay for Wiggy app?
- It depends. Widgy offers 1 slot free to use for each widget. If you need to use more than one widget, you'll need to pay additional for Widgy.

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Non-Refundable Product

Please be advised that all purchases of digital products, including App Icons, Widgy Widgets, Wallpapers, and Notion Templates, are final and non-refundable. Due to the nature of digital assets, once the purchase is completed, you will receive instant access to the product. Therefore, it is not possible to revoke access or issue a refund. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to review all product details carefully before making a purchase.

Last updated Jun 21, 2024

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Pixel Pocket Dex - Widgy Widget

13 ratings
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